Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And then there were two.

Lincoln has arrived! And the boys are beginning to get used to eachother. I snapped this picture on my phone the other just makes me melt.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello 2010.

I'm excited to say today is January 4th. We had a wonderful weekend filled with The Joshua Tree at the Hardrock on New Years, some delicious Chinese food, movies and our couch on Friday, a rediculous amount of errands and shoveling on Saturday (followed by some killer bowling on Saturday night--but not by me) and then of course the Sunday night blues.

Boston got killed this weekend with its annual New Years snowfall and I'm not a fan of this new tradition. In total accumulation it's not terrible, but it pretty much snowed from Thursday-Sunday.

But I am also a little ancy about the arrival of January. We have a new puppy coming home on Saturday, Lincoln. We spent almost $150 at Petsmart preparing for the little guy and even watching a DVD about taking your puppy home. Poor Knight is in for a rude awakening and so are we.

We also have Jarrett's mother coming this weekend to visit, and his sister coming at the end of the month for some QT with us, our house, and the new puppy.

And we are off to Mexico for 4 days to visit Navarro and soak in a little sun :) And Wilky will be spending a couple nights at our house before she leaves the cold New England for sunny and warm Houston!!! All of these activities give me a little stress when i have to think about packing, cleaning, puppies chewing things, and a lack of time in my own house. BUT, all for good things and good reasons.

Welcome home 2010, welcome home.