Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy 30th Jarrett...and 7th Knight!

By now I'm a week late announcing it, but last week was a fabulous week which was capped off by Jarrett's 30th birthday (and our little guy has turned 7!). (See pics from our photo shoot from their birthday night!)

We started the birthday with some Veuve Clicquot with Rich and Laura and then headed to the infamous La Paloma. This is by far our favorite Mexican restaurant in Quincy. In typical fashion I overate...and we finished the night with the boys <3

Then came the present! I had been keeping Jarrett's present a secret for months and it was killing me. K I L L I N G M E. I had debated what to get him. I wanted to blow it out of the water and really do it up since we don't have children yet and this is a big one. Jarrett and I have a huge love for food and Jarrett loves cooking....so I found a place in Boston called Stir. Stir is owned by Chef Barbara Lynch (think No. 9 Park, Menton, The Butcher Shop, B&G Oyster....). They have all kinds of cooking classes and offer private events... SO, i thought perfect! But even better you can hire BL herself to cook. We made a four course meal and it was TO DIE FOR!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where dreams come true....

Here's a couple shots from our trip to Disney.

Our hotel. Love Disney Vacation Club!

@ the Flying Fish. Amazing wine pairing dinner.

@ Bluezoo (Todd English's restaurant)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am a terrible blogger.

2011 has not been good for my blogging. It has however been good for the hubs and I, which means it's been very very busy. I promise to be better!

In January, we took on Disney World. What a fantastic way to be kids by day and posh foodie adults by night. I have to admit, it was a perfect trip. The weather was good, the rides were extremely fun and the food (Flying Fish, California Grill, Bluezoo...) all awesome!

February had me traveling a lot for work, including a trip on Valentine's Day. But also gave us some insight into our tax returns so we could plan for the home renovations. On the list was:

  • New carpet for the stairs (installed, pics soon!)
  • New dining room chairs (done!)
  • Landscaping (in progress)
...I'll have some great pics soon. But as we got into March, we had a wrench thrown into the mix. While outside playing, Lincoln noticed a somewhat week, old fence and took advantage of the situation and "visited" our neighbors. Luckily I found him...but it made us realize we need to fix it sooner than planned. So we are currently getting quotes for that. OY!

I'll follow-up soon with pictures of the transformations and in the meantime we'll be focused on Jarrett's 30th birthday this Friday. What a weekend I have in store :)