Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dear Baby Britt

Dear Baby Britt, I've been thinking a lot about you lately. I think it may be your arrival nearing and those fabulous kicks you like to startle me with. I've been thinking about what kind of mom I want to be...and even about the man I want you to grow up to be. And forgive me, I'm quite hormonal at the moment. I go from moments of shear bliss to panic like the flick of a switch. I'm jealous of all of my friends who've had their baby recently and have all this love and I don't know quite what that feels like yet. But I did want to write down a few thoughts that have crossed my mind lately, things I want you to know. And I asked your Dad to participate too!

1. I hope you grow up to be just like him. I don't mean you have to be a carbon copy, I want you to make your own decisions...but I hope you are as passionate, loving and devoted as he is. And if you can be as good of a cook, even better. You and your girlfriends will thank me later and when you marry the woman of your dreams and it all started because you made her dinner when all the other guys just took her to a bar.

2. I'm sorry in advance if for the rest of your life I remind you that I carried you for 9 months AND GAVE BIRTH TO YOU. That I couldn't eat for 5 months. That my back constantly hurt. I peed every hour. And I was pretty uncomfortable. Just let me have this one. I'll try not to be annoying in other ways, but it was long and painful and I'm sure worth every second...but I might have to remind you.

3. Don't go through life without taking a risk. I made a lot of safe bets, and I don't regret them. But if you are 18 and want to live a little (and I may regret this later) do it. Don't be in such a rush to grow up. You'll have plenty of time to do that. Just remember to work so you have some money to do those things you want to do--mom and dad won't be paying for everything!

4. You can pretend to like the Blue Jays for your Dad's sake. He'll need the support. But in reality, we both know you are a Boston sports fan at heart. You don't have an option here.

5. Don't blame it on the dog. They show guilt. We know what they are capable of...and they don't have thumbs. Just remember we'll know. We always know...


6. Don't let the name fool you, country music is not "music"- listen to Beatles, Stones and U2 and you will be fine

7. Your mommy's favorite place on earth is Disneyworld, so when we take you, if it's not your favorite, you have my permission to lie

8. You are one lucky kid to grow up in Boston, you might actually see a sports team with a championship

9. Don't be afraid of the dogs, they are adorable and loving, and only bark at other people's children

10. Just because Daddy cooks all the meals, don't let that deter you from marrying a girl in the future who cooks, it's more normal than you think

Keep baking in there little guy. Catch ya on the flipside in 10 weeks. xoxo


Monday, April 23, 2012

29.5 Bumpdate

You've been asking for it....BUMPDATE! I'm nearing the 30 week milestone and Baby Britt is growing every week.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

28 weeks!

I can admit it...I am terrible at keeping up with this blogging thing.

As I write this, I just received my "welcome to week 28" email and I've officially entered the third trimester. It's a great feeling knowing the baby is getting stronger and stronger, especially if anything were to happen. I have this overwhelming feeling of "UGH, how can I still have 12 weeks???" and then at the same time... I think OMFG (insert crazy expletives) we will have a baby in 12 weeks. I just had my most recent check-up and everything looked great. I'm measuring right where I should be, I'm up about 2 lbs all said and done from my weight loss and then finally putting that back on. I am being neurotic about not getting huge, I really need to stop. And of course, the aches and pains are in full force. My back kills...along with my tailbone and pelvic bone. Every time I mention it, the doctors look at me like, DUH, you are having a baby--you didn't think this would be easy did you? Baby Britt is very active and kicks me in all sorts of ways. I'm just DYING to know what he looks like. Does he have hair? I also think he's getting a hiccups a lot. THERE IS A BABY IN MY BELLY. And the hubs is so freaking sweet to me, I can't even stand it. He's pitching in extra so I don't need to keep getting up, then sitting down, then getting up. Makes the world of difference. He's so freaking wonderful and I think I might just love him more once the little guy comes.

We are now going down the checklist and getting things ready on the home front. We'll have the room painted this weekend and about late May will set up the crib and dresser (which are here already) from Pottery Barn.

Next up: baby bumpdate and picks of the room and ideas for decorating.