Tuesday, October 19, 2010

House Renovations

The Britt household is about to undergo some renovations. We are lucky we don't have anything HUGE to do, but projects that will make our house a little nicer to live in and hopefully increase the value when we go to sell. I feel like all that HGTV watching is finally coming to good use. We've been waiting until this time so we could enjoy our summer, and the advice provided to us proved true--live in your house for a little before you do TOO much.

On the agenda:

1. Kitchen--adding granite and a backsplash. Apparently this means we also need to replace the sink and faucet.

2. Making the 3 season porch 4 season by replacing all of the windows and adding heat.

...details and before pictures to come!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am dating myself...

Remember way back when you'd create a mix tape? A mix cd?
*BTW, what would it be now? More on that later.

Well, I found mine. all of them from college. Some survived, some are a wee bit scratched. Turns out cleaning out a car does have some positives.

It seems, mine are divided by theme:
  • Sappy (for breakups, love stories etc)
  • Getting read to go out. (Apparently when you pregame, it's critical you have the right music going)
  • Car trips (both my roommates dated guys that lived out of state, so I'd go along for the ride and hang out. It's critical that once you enter another state, you don't need to search for songs).
  • Gifts to the significant other/roomie
What I've learned from mine:
  • I really liked Ben Harper and John Mayer's sappy songs
  • You could never have a mix tape without Dave
  • Apparently you can make a song better by making a techno version of it
  • Of the top songs listed on Billboard 80%+ made it in my cds.
DateArtist - TitleWeeks
at #1
November 12 2000 – January 27 2001Destiny's Child - Independent Women Part 111
January 28 – February 10 2001Shaggy feat. Ricardo "RikRok" Ducent - It Wasn't Me2
February 11 – 17 2001Outkast - Ms. Jackson1
February 18 – March 17 2001Joe feat. Mystikal - Stutter4
March 18 – 24 2001Crazy Town - Butterfly2 (1)
March 25 – 31 2001Shaggy feat. Rayvon - Angel1
April 1 – 7 2001Crazy Town - Butterfly2 (1)
April 8 – May 26 2001Janet - All For You7
May 27 – June 30 2001Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya and Pink - Lady Marmalade5
July 1 – 28 2001Usher - U Remind Me4
July 29 – August 11 2001Destiny's Child - Bootylicious2
August 12 – September 1 2001Alicia Keys - Fallin'6 (3)
September 2 – 22 2001Jennifer Lopez - I'm Real5 (3)
September 23 – October 13 2001Alicia Keys - Fallin'6 (3)
October 14 – 27 2001Jennifer Lopez - I'm Real5 (2)
October 28 – December 8 2001Mary J. Blige - Family Affair6
December 9 – 15 2001Usher - U Got It Bad6 (1)
December 16 2001 – January 12 2002Nickelback - How You Remind Me4
Source: Billboard Magazine
  • I liked Nelly, Ja Rule, and Ashanti...A LOT.
  • Eminem was hardcore.
  • Almost Famous made me obsessed with Elton John
  • I was obsessed with songs, quotes, and song with good quotes.
Ok, enough reminiscing! Back to work...

Monday, October 4, 2010

October and a Pupdate

The end is near.

Yup, it's that time of year again. October! Which means crazy amounts of candy everywhere I turn. It means Jarrett wants to torment me with tons of scary movies. And it means the introduction of scarves and sweaters and shoes :(

But the best part of cold weather? Snuggling with the pups. And the pups snuggling with each other.