Wednesday, April 28, 2010

welcome to home ownership

I've been away for a few days... week? Well, home ownership is getting the best of us. I'll post some pictures when I have some after pictures (we are almost there). We spent the bulk of the weekend (which actually turned out quite nice) painting outside (my job!) and digging up parts of the lawn and weeds and reseeding (Jarrett!). This leaves us tired and appreciative of paying someone to do this down the line....yes darling, we will be doing that next time whether you know this or not.

I must say, I am excited to watch this new grass come up although it doesn't look like much progress has been made in 4 days and I was hoping it would be a little faster. Yes, I am impatient. Remember cutting open milk cartons and then planting seeds in elementary school? I swear I saw grass in a day or so. Realistically, we've got another week to go. It also leaves us in the place where we cannot let the dogs out in the yard until the grass is coming up because there is fertilizer they'd be sure to eat (mainly Lincoln) and well, ruin (Lincoln). Walking a puppy ever hour or so because he drinks more water than I've ever thought possible is quite a pain, but the prospect of him peeing on my foot to tell me how badly he needs to go outweighs that for sure. And Yes, he did that last night. It was not pretty. Nor was the fact that he tried to lick the paint and got some on his whisker that took DAYS to get off.

I'll try to get some pictures up soon, and wish us luck, we leave for NOLA in 2 days! Hopefully this cold will be gone by then. PLEASE!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chatty Kathy

Boy do I have so much to update you on. We've been working hard on the house and I'm proud to say the efforts have paid off. Here are some updated pictures of my new curtains and pillows for the living room.



And here is my lovely patio, with the furniture I simply ADORE. <3>

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To all you idiots who can't park

Way back when I began blogging, I tried to make a promise that I wouldn't blog about things that annoy me. I wanted this blog to be about all the fun and exciting things happening in our lives, a place where I could share these wonderful experiences and give you a glimpse into our world.

However, today, after sitting in a rediculous amount of traffic, I decided I needed an outlet to vent for my sanity. I absolutely loathe driving into the garage in the morning and seeing people who simply cannot park in the lines and frankly do it on purpose! So while deciding I needed to walk myself off the ledge, I started googling pictures that would make everyone laugh. And here is what I came across.
  1. Google already has "people who park like an idiot" come up when you start typing 'people who park..."

  2. There is a website,

  3. They sell bumper stickers for these people!!!!!

  4. And there are certainly people that take their rage, and well, act on it.

OK, well I think I feel better now. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

eat, eat, eat, all day long...

If you know Jarrett and I, you know we are foodies. We love fine dining, we love the experience, the wine to pair with dinner, the conversation, ambiance etc. We aren't food snobs, we still visit Chili's... (we just cannot resist their nachos) but when we splurge, it's on food.

Many of you also know, last year instead of Christmas presents, we saved and saved and saved and sent ourselves to NYC and dined at Daniel (3 Star Michelin rated), Le Bernardin, and Per Se. Yes, if you watch Top Chef you'll know all of the chefs! (Daniel, Eric, Thomas) It was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life, and will always look back at it fondly. It may seem rediculous to spend 4 hours eating, or having a cheese course for $35/person...but it's simply magical.

And in just 26 days, Jarrett and I will be jetting off to New Orleans for JazzFest and some amazing food. Notably, we'll be visiting August and Commander's Palace, among others. (And yes Top Chef fan, you know these too) Sometimes I think I'm spoiled, but then again, I'm just lucky.... we both work hard, and play hard, and well, eat hard? No, that doesn't quite make sense-but you get the point.

Here's to yummy food, great wine, and even better company and the hopes you all enjoy food the way we do ;-)