Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a week!

Wow, this was one crazy week. We both had tonssss of work to do, so it was quite nuts trying to get to work a little early and stay a little late. We had puppy class which is always a fun hour of the week teaching little Lincoln some new tricks and giving him time away from Knight. We also got to check out some John Mayer with my Dad and some AMAZING seats. I will say though that going to a concert makes me feel 100 years old. We only had a couple of beers, but didn't get home until almost midnight and needed to tire the pups out, so it was a late night. I just can't hang like I used to.

We also had a fabulous weekend where I picked out our thank you notes (yes, I am terribly behind!) and spent time with Nicole and Veronica picking out their wedding invitations. They both have such different weddings and taste, but both styles are gorgeous I am so excited to see what they finally settle on. I hosted my first wine night at our house which was such a fabulous night with the girls and where we had a psychic come and spice things up. what a ball! It was nice to share our new house with my ladies, and I'm already looking forward to next months meet up. :) And we concluded it with a loss to Canada in the finals, tear, and my cousin coming over to dinner with his wife and little girl. Man, I thought having two dogs was tough. She was a ball of energy and I realized I'm content on our decision to hold off a little longer.... ;) But damn is she precious.

Here's to March.... can you believe it? MARCH! And 20 days until SPRINGGGGGGG.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I need spring, NOW.

Just another rambling before I fully begin this long, crazy hell of a day of back to back meetings.

I googled spring, wondering what images would pop up when I did this. Yup, all the amazing things I thought of too, way to go google!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I am one lucky lady. I got my tulips. And I got them at work. And they were beautifulllllll.

But my wonderful hubbie did tell me one important fact and it warranted a retraction.

"might want to footnote it too, since I can attest, they are NOT cheaper than roses." hehehehe.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings and Some Flowers?

So I'm sitting here at work, looking out my window waiting for the snow to destroy us. Ok, I can hardly complain, 6-10inches in BOSTON is not distruction. It's a mere inconvenience. I started to feel nostalgic and went back to my first blog post where I blogged about wanting summer and the foot of snow we got in March. Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm feeling the exact same way. I cannot wait for a business trip to Houston (HOUSTON!) next week for some sixty degree weather.

However, that is not the purpose of this blog post and I could go on forever about how much I hate winter. I'm stealing a page out of "My Husband Is Annoying" . And YES, this is very risky since the hubs does read this. ;-)

I'm reading a magazine and with Valentine's Day coming up, it talks about cheaper flower options than traditional red roses to save the hubs out there some money. I love flowers, but frankly, not roses and not red ones. I love hydrangeas and daisies etc. So they have this gourgeous vase with white tulips and I just melted. I would kill for some of those in my house right now.
So I turn to Jarrett that day and explain "Babe, IF you were planning on buying me flowers, I'd like white tulips and I'd like them delivered to work". Now there are a couple of problems here. 1) I hate that I had to ask 2) I have been asking for 5 years to have flowers delivered to work, once, just once. Vday? sure. Birthday? sure. Random day? sure. Point: I don't care when, just sometime.
This comes and goes and he laughs and says, well apparently I do need to get you flowers NOW.
Am I crazy for wanting this? It drives me nuts how much they overcharge for flowers, especially roses on V Day. But sometimes a girl just wants to have those beautiful flowers on her desk to look at and well, ahem, show off.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Since all my prego bloggers give you "bumpdates" I'm going to give you a pupdate. Don't say I didn't warn you, TOO CUTE.

Where has all the money gone?

Who remembers that movie "The Money Pit" with Shelley Long and Tom Hanks?

I loved this 80's movie. Remember they buy this house for a deal and it falls apart. Thankfully, no Jarrett and I did not purchase a money pit, BUT we still seem to be spending all of our money on our house. I find myself choosing mirrors and closet doors and granite countertops over new jeans, shoes and getting my hair died. When did I become so old? Is this what it's always like? I also want everything NOW, even though that is utterly rediculous and we can't afford it.

We have a contractor coming this weekend to look at the work we need done and get started on our projects...door for the basement, 2 new windows, new closet doors....and a quote for making the 3 season porch...wait for it, 4 season!!! :)

I'm pretty sure the $8K tax credit and all my tax money and commission checks are also going towards this house and our dogs. Because yes, it did cost us $400 at the vet a couple of weeks ago LOL. Man, this whole grown up thing....