Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Holy Crap I'm having a baby. IN TWO DAYS. At this time in two days, I will be a mom. It's not even real...I can't believe it. This whole pregnancy has felt like it's been SO long at times and yet the big day is almost here. How is that possible? I'm dying to know what he looks like. I'm dying to learn his little personality and see Jarrett and I embark on this next adventure. Boy are we in for an adventure! I'm definitely full of emotions and anxiety. LOTS OF EMOTIONS. I've cried a lot this past week or so. I'm just so overwhelmed with work and all the little things that need to get done and preparing the house, etc. And I can't wait to see the pups with the new little guy. I actually think they are going to be amazing with him. Being home with them has been a nice treat this past week or so.... lots of sleeping (by them) and snuggling.

So here it goes... If I find time, I'll post some pics of the baby room. If not, next post--BABY!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Home Stretch

You are probably wondering where I've been. Or even more likely, not. But... I've been busy lately, y'know finalizing the baking of this little boy. I'm fully baked at 37 weeks (ok, 2 more days) and I'm over being pregnant. I'm sick of feeling sick and I want to meet this little guy. I've realized being pregnant is full of ups and downs and anyone that hasn't experienced it just cannot grasp how it's full of so many ups and downs and so many aches and pains. Quite the physical and emotional rollercoaster.

I learned recently that Baby Britt is breach and after some chiropractor and acupuncture attempts, he seems quite content. I've gone back and forth about this and I'm not sure how I feel. The recovery stinks, but then I don't have to fear labor and all that goes with it. I also like the planning aspect, I pack my bag and show up at the hospital ready to go. So I showed up Friday to my 36 week appointment and it was confirmed that he is still in fact breach, enjoying my right rib, belly button and whatever else is over there and so he's got an official arrival date--JUNE 28th!!!!! He's all over the place, sometimes he kicks me and I think his foot might fall out.

At this point I'm not overly excited about sharing a bumpdate, but perhaps you'll get one this week. Why you ask? MY ASS IS HUGE and i am addicted to dessert. I have exploded ladies and gentlemen. I also sleep in 20 minute increments, I swear. And commuting to work has become a nightmare.

Buttttt....as I write this, my fabulous photographer just sent me maternity photos. I just had to share one in particular. I melt. And I actually forgot about how uncomfortable I am for a moment. Ahhh baby britt, I can't wait to meet you <3