Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To all you idiots who can't park

Way back when I began blogging, I tried to make a promise that I wouldn't blog about things that annoy me. I wanted this blog to be about all the fun and exciting things happening in our lives, a place where I could share these wonderful experiences and give you a glimpse into our world.

However, today, after sitting in a rediculous amount of traffic, I decided I needed an outlet to vent for my sanity. I absolutely loathe driving into the garage in the morning and seeing people who simply cannot park in the lines and frankly do it on purpose! So while deciding I needed to walk myself off the ledge, I started googling pictures that would make everyone laugh. And here is what I came across.
  1. Google already has "people who park like an idiot" come up when you start typing 'people who park..."

  2. There is a website, http://www.iparklikeanidiot.com/.

  3. They sell bumper stickers for these people!!!!!

  4. And there are certainly people that take their rage, and well, act on it.

OK, well I think I feel better now. :)

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