Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am a terrible blogger.

2011 has not been good for my blogging. It has however been good for the hubs and I, which means it's been very very busy. I promise to be better!

In January, we took on Disney World. What a fantastic way to be kids by day and posh foodie adults by night. I have to admit, it was a perfect trip. The weather was good, the rides were extremely fun and the food (Flying Fish, California Grill, Bluezoo...) all awesome!

February had me traveling a lot for work, including a trip on Valentine's Day. But also gave us some insight into our tax returns so we could plan for the home renovations. On the list was:

  • New carpet for the stairs (installed, pics soon!)
  • New dining room chairs (done!)
  • Landscaping (in progress)
...I'll have some great pics soon. But as we got into March, we had a wrench thrown into the mix. While outside playing, Lincoln noticed a somewhat week, old fence and took advantage of the situation and "visited" our neighbors. Luckily I found him...but it made us realize we need to fix it sooner than planned. So we are currently getting quotes for that. OY!

I'll follow-up soon with pictures of the transformations and in the meantime we'll be focused on Jarrett's 30th birthday this Friday. What a weekend I have in store :)

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