Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Times are a changin'

Some of you were probably wondering why my blog was suddenly private. This was only temporary and by the time you can read this it will be public again. Why do you ask when it's been MONTHS since I last blogged?

Well lot's of things going on with the Britts and life just got in the way ;-) We had a wonderful (and fast) summer, filled with lots of family QT, a trip to Europe and some amazing weddings. We started planning for 2012 and all the little things we want to do to the house, the trips we wanted to take and even talked about potentially starting a family sometime...

and well, you guessed it. some time came a lot sooner than I was planning for. All of a sudden, we came back from Miami and something didn't seem right. I wasn't feeling myself and a positive pregnancy test told us I was 6 weeks pregnant. I'm not one to hide things so I'll tell you honestly--I was SHOCKED. I was so surprised that I couldn't even truly muster a smile. The ultimate guilt. I don't know if woman want to admit this, but it's really hard to go from being a 20 something gal to PREGNANT. no drinking, no unpasteurized cheese, no deli meat...oh and exhausted. Tired in your bones, in a way no man could ever understand. And now, well, the nausea. I want to throw up constantly. My body was hijacked by something the size of a pencil eraser.

And at 10 weeks now, I'm ever so close to being able to reveal the news to the world. I'm in a much better place emotionally, yes, i'm excited :P (and scared out of my mind) but I'm still feeling le mis. And as I write this, it's Saturday night and I should be at 1 of 3 christmas parties. But instead, i'm sitting on my couch watching tv because I literally cannot get up and feel like puking. And the idea of pretending to drink two nights in a row makes me ill. Did I mention it's 9:30 and I feel like it's 2am? But I can say, I'm sitting in on a Saturday night with the absolute most wonderful husband in the world. He chose not to go out. I cried because it made me so happy. And then I laughed for crying? (oh hormones) Did I mention the bagel he got me this morning? (because if I can eat, it's only starch). And then the soup he tried to make me? And the countless tasks I asked him to do while I sat on the couch in misery? If there is one thing this baby has done thus far...it's make me realize how lucky "it" will be to have this man as their father.

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