Sunday, June 21, 2009


I've attended quite a few weddings the past couple of years and seen a lot of people do different things with favors. We saw wine stoppers, donations to charity, matchbooks... all things that are cute, themed with the wedding and nice. I was debating what we'd do...I didn't want something people would never use, I didn't want to do something we'd already seen done, but I was struggling coming up with something I liked.

We ultimately decided on fans with our names printed on them. It's a summer wedding, ceremony is outside and I remember sweating at Janelle's wedding from the heat and it wasn't a long ceremony! So, we decided to get these to put on the ceremony chairs and hopefully keep people somewhat cool during the ceremony. Hope you'll like it :)

We got them from who has had some great sales lately, so I highly recommend checking it out. I searched a lot of sites for fans that weren't outrageously priced, but were also good quality.


  1. I love this! And I love how a lot of your ideas consider your guests! You will have a lot of happy people at your wedding!!!!!!

  2. I went to an outdoor summer wedding where they printed the programs on fans -- so different -- but they were fantastic during the hot sun! Great idea -- and these are very cute too.