Monday, June 1, 2009

Some things on my mind.

As we get closer and closer to the wedding day, my mind is racing and constantly thinking about all the little things; in the shower, in my sleep, while at work etc. I can't stop. So I thought by putting some of it out there, I'll give myself some serenity... (also, I'm currently installing Office 2007 on my laptop and this is about all I can do while I wait).

  • Crash dieting. I have 2.5 months to get done 5-10 lbs. I'm trying hard, definitely going to the gym more & trying to eat healthier...but the more I try not to think about food, the more I want to eat! Jarrett & I have been cooking healthy meals, and I'm trying hard not to buy junk at the grocery store. I know every bride has this challenge...but damn this is hard. I was seriously tempted to buy some slim fast yesterday LOL.

  • Seating chart. Jarrett seems to think this will be "fun". I think his math brain is twisted for even remotely considering this exercise could be fun. It sounds like torture...nails on chalkboard torture. Who can't sit with who, who doesn't know a lot of people etc. Ahhh.

  • Father/Daughter dance. I just can't pick it. It's a lot harder than it seems, and I'm trying desperately not to pick a cliche song...but I just can't find one that is just right. It's a big deal and has been taking foreverrrrrr.

  • Photography. I've been googling and thinking about what photos are must haves. I want some of the traditional family photos, but then I want some that are out of the box, unplanned etc. There is a huge balcony at Indian Pond, with stairs going down onto the golf course, and I really want a "Bentley" shot there. All the people that we went to college with in a really neat way--and others like that.

  • Shoes. I need wedding shoes by June 14th, and I'm stuck. I just can't find anything I like out there...and I want something a little different and comfortable. I actually saw some a girl on some blog who wore bright colored shoe to match her colors. I'm not sure how I feel about yellow shoes, but something a little different would be fun. I feel like I've looked everywhere, and just can't find something I like.

I'm sure to have another post on this topic... :P


  1. Hahah - the seating chart and the shoes were the hardest part for me! I agonized over my seating chart, then had people drop off a few days before and had to do the whole thing over again the day before the wedding and number the escort cards the night before. It was awesome.

    And don't worry about dieting - you look fantastic!

  2. The seating chart was definitely much harder than you would think -- if Jarrett is so excited though, have him take that one over completely. You can spend that time looking for shoes :) I did like a really light gold pair (my dress was ivory) -- I've seen alot of people do blue too. Just as another option :) In like 4 months, you are going to want to do it all over again. Have fun!