Monday, August 10, 2009

Details, Details, Details.

It's all in the details, right? The details everyone keeps telling me that we worry endlessly about and then barely have time to remember or see. I'm hoping I do have time to take it all in and remember some of it.
Last week and this week is all about final details. The menus, placecards, rehearsal dinner, the dance, etc etc etc.

We are pretty much done with the exception of the bags to put in everyone's room when they check in. Little goodie bags with water, advil and granola bars. I think it's mainly for the day after for those that drank a little too much!! ;-)

And programs were printed and started last Friday. I had them printed on thick 5x7 cards, hole punched and then we've or should i say I (with some help from Laura) have been putting yellow and green ribbon through them to jazz them up a bit. I have to be honest, this is the most annoying thing we've done for the wedding to date. My fingers are sore. A lot of my bridesmaids have offered to help, but all of this needs to be dropped off on Thursday night, so it's easier to just have it done now. I got the idea from Love, Honor, and Cherish.

And lastly, I need to wrap the adorable gifts I got the girls...which they pretty much know (their makeup the day of wedding, the necklaces for the wedding --which came out amazing! picture soon, and one other thing. <3>

Jarrett got the guys money clips, their ties, and a round of golf at Indian Pond which is apparently an amazing course.

Oh did I mention I can't wait for tomorrow to be over so I can just start enjoying my two weeks off?!?!

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