Friday, August 7, 2009

"Here's what's happening in your neck of the woods"

We've hit single digits ladies and gentlemen! And yknow what that means??? We can start checking the weather. And yes, Al Roker gave me the weather forecast today.

As we all know in New England, a 9 day weather forecast means NOTHING. So at 9 days out, we are looking at isolated thunderstorms and a temperature of 77 degrees. I'm ok with that. Not too hot, potential storm...and frankly, I bet it won't even come close to being that forecast by Sunday so no worries or stress here!
Hey, August has already been better/different than the Farmer's Almanac:
1st-3rd Heavy rainfall. 4th-7th Partial clearing and cooler. 8th-11th Hazy and muggier. 12th-15th Increasingly cloudy skies. 16th-19th Rain moves in from west; possibly heavy at times. Potential hurricane threat along the coast.

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