Monday, November 16, 2009

I've been slacking.

How can you blame me? We've been busy! We bought a house people.

So while the final moments of the home buying process proved to be quite stressful (the loan took a day longer, our closing was pushed until the evening, th packing) we moved into the house on time--with is the best feeling in the world.

For living in the house exactly two weeks today, we've done quite a lot. We unpacked all of our wedding gifts (we had saved them in the original boxes and it was eating away at me), we painted the master bedroom, we ordered additional furniture, tv and surround sound is installed and the house has begun to feel like home.

I love coming home and find myself stopping in certain rooms and just staring. All of the little touches to the rooms are beginning to take their place, Knight is starting to claim it as his own, and we love being to close to the city and all of the errands we need to do.

Pictures to come soon...and thank you HGTV, I'm obsessed with you.

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