Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a week!

Wow, this was one crazy week. We both had tonssss of work to do, so it was quite nuts trying to get to work a little early and stay a little late. We had puppy class which is always a fun hour of the week teaching little Lincoln some new tricks and giving him time away from Knight. We also got to check out some John Mayer with my Dad and some AMAZING seats. I will say though that going to a concert makes me feel 100 years old. We only had a couple of beers, but didn't get home until almost midnight and needed to tire the pups out, so it was a late night. I just can't hang like I used to.

We also had a fabulous weekend where I picked out our thank you notes (yes, I am terribly behind!) and spent time with Nicole and Veronica picking out their wedding invitations. They both have such different weddings and taste, but both styles are gorgeous I am so excited to see what they finally settle on. I hosted my first wine night at our house which was such a fabulous night with the girls and where we had a psychic come and spice things up. what a ball! It was nice to share our new house with my ladies, and I'm already looking forward to next months meet up. :) And we concluded it with a loss to Canada in the finals, tear, and my cousin coming over to dinner with his wife and little girl. Man, I thought having two dogs was tough. She was a ball of energy and I realized I'm content on our decision to hold off a little longer.... ;) But damn is she precious.

Here's to March.... can you believe it? MARCH! And 20 days until SPRINGGGGGGG.

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