Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tis the season...

Wedding season has arrived and in full force :) It has me a little emotional because it's so different not being the bride. But in a really really wonderful and fun way. I love seeing what choices people make, and because my wedding is behind me--I find myself in a completely judgement free zone. I am just enjoying every part of being part of the process and trying on dresses or talking about the little details like colors and flowers and jewelery.

And on that note, two huge shout outs to my ladies Nicole and Veronica! who are my 2010 brides and who have asked me to be a part of their special day just like they were able to take part in mine <3

Nicole will be getting married in September at Cranwell. It's simply georgous, with the trees and mountains and other beautiful scenery in the background. She's chosen georgous pink bridesmaid dresses that are just so flattering and her gown is AMAZING. I wish I could show you! Very similar to what I did, she'll be doing an outside ceremony and inside reception--which is just perfect to cover any weather conditions.

Veronica will be getting married in October on the beautiful charles river and a view of the city at the Hyatt in Cambridge. Their ceremony will take place outside in the garden with reception to follow on thr 16th floor ballroom--stunning! Veronica picked amazing dresses as well in a "raspberry" tone and they are just perfect too (and also very flattering!).
I'm so lucky my ladies have good taste ;-)

Now that I've dished on their weddings (hope they don't mind), I hope you see how much fun this wedding planning can be, for both the bride and the people around them. It's such an amazing day, that goes by SO incredibly fast, so taking in all the details before the big day is so so important.

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