Monday, June 28, 2010

Free Samples!

I've learned the best way to make decisions is to order free samples. We have these plan run of the mill white (really off white/dingy/dirty) blinds on the windows that I haven't got to yet, and I HATE them. Basically, the woman who lived her before put them on every single window and they are gross. And half of them don't fit.

Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper has been my saving grace. They've done my window blinds and my bedroom blinds, and they offer free samples. So for someone like me that needs about 100 different examples to make a decision, this is key. I order 5-10 different ones and then I can narrow down my options and see the exact colors.

I was thinking bamboo? That might be fun for the stairway/hallway windows. I found these pictures online, so I am really interested to see the samples. I like the idea of the roman shade look too, so I think I am leaning in that direction. These are not windows that can have any sort of drape, so they need something that will stand out on their own.

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