Friday, July 9, 2010

I want a pool.

I should simply write enough said.



ever since I was a kid, I wanted a pool in my backyard. I am not even kidding you. 7 year old Jess said to older Jess, you will have a pool someday. I always grew up with neighbors or family that let me come over whenever, unannounced and let me use their pool to cool off, get some sun, and relax. To me, there is nothing better than laying out by the pool, reading a good book or trashy celebrity gossip and taking a nice nap by the pool.

But, as you all know, we do not have a pool. And it's been unbearably hot this whole summer. And the hubs said no. (In his defense, is it worth it? Would it mess with the resale of our house? All good q's). But seriously how awesome is this pool? And please? Pretty please?

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