Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love is in the air. A Labor Day Movement.

What a fabulous four day weekend it was indeed. We started with a light drizzle and a lobster bake for the rehearsal on Friday. Hurricane Earl missed us luckily. I was able to spend some QT with the girls, Nicole and Nick's family and friends and really get excited for the weekend. I had so much fun with their families and friends I had never met, and loved to meet and get to know the people Nick and Nicole share so much of their time with.

The location was STUNNING. Even more beautiful in person, and the weather held out most of the day, with the exception of a minor rain storm during pictures. It stopped just in time and even gave us a couple of rainbows :)

*photos courtesy of Kerri.

I can't believe they are off on their honeymoon. I can't believe Nicole's wedding has happened. A year ago Nick proposed, and here they are married!

The Matron of Honor speeches were a success. Both Kerri and I laughed and then cried, and swore we wouldn't. Jarrett said I was even funny, quite the compliment. We danced and danced and danced...Trisha *almost* caught the bouquet, much to TJ's dismay. Like a Prayer is a lot longer of a song than we thought and I was able to make it almost halfway through the reception before changing into flip-flops. I am so happy for Nick and Nicole, and I was so lucky to be part of their special day.

And so now, we have a week off without a wedding event of some sort. An amazing weekend planned with a nice dinner for my birthday and the Patriots game on Sunday. And then another wedding weekend to celebrate with some more fabulous people and 3 more to go. When you initially think about 6 weddings in a year, it's slightly overwhelming, however...I'm now feeling lucky we are able to celebrate all of these special days.

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