Sunday, March 29, 2009

Club Wedd

We FINALLY finished our registry...and just in time. We went to Target for the last of it, and what a difference between Target & C&B. It was so much easier at C&B.... but let's face it, that gun is cool no matter where you are. Some guy definitely invented that because he needed a reason to go into the store and participate. HAHAH Just kidding--but it did keep Jarrett entertained and much more engaged.

So we get home and I went online to check and more stuff was bought! How exciting :) I probably shouldn't be admitting this, but I constantly check. I can't avoid it. And you can't tell me every bride doesn't do this.

I also stopped into Swarovski (which i believe i was randomly mispronouncing all week) to pick out my wedding jewelery. I had every intention JUST to get the earrings, but walked away with the following three things. They will all be stored at my Mom's place until the wedding so I won't sneak a wearing between now and then. I would do that ;-)


I just wanted something plain and elegant.


I highly recommend checking them out. I found a million things that are just gourgeous and not too expensive.
Hope you are all enjoying and my blabbing is at least slightly interesting.


  1. "Keeping Jarrett engaged!" BA DUM BUM *CH*

    I love the jewelry from swa-VOR-ski. Hahah you are way too cute. I totally stalked my registry, it's too tempting not to! Plus you have to check to see if things are out of stock or on back order, etc.... haha you can justify it.

    Love the bling - you will look soo gorg!

  2. Your wedding jewelry is gorgeous. Love it! Can't wait to see your pics, so fun