Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Roses are red....

Two posts in one day! But really it's just pictures....

1) We've decided on colors... pale green and yellow. I'm obsessed now. OBSESSED. I met with my florist (I love her... ) and picked a ton of stuff. Here is some ideas (not exact) of what my bouquet will look like. No tulips or pink obviously... but whites and greens and hydrangea based..

2) Bridesmaid Dresses!!!

I love them. Designed by Coren Moore ( and I got them at Flair Bridesmaid on Newbury St.


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  1. That 2nd bouquet is so fluffy and delicous! Would look pretty with some fringed tulips as well.... those green/white colors with the lemon dress - SO LOVELY. I can't wait to see it all together! It's going to look so nice!