Sunday, April 26, 2009

Married Life.

As many of you know, Jarrett had knee surgery this past thursday. He is in an immobilizer and isn't supposed to put a lot of weight on it right away. What does this mean?

For Jarrett: well it means he is sitting on the couch becoming increasingly antsy because there is only so much tv he can watch... he couldn't enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend, and he needs help with a lot of things.

For Jess: I am his bitch and I've lost the man that takes care of the "heavy things". I need to do all the dishes, fetch his food, get him ice, make all the dinners (or pick up take out as I've seemed to master this), take out the trash, take Knight out etc etc.



It's hard for me to complain, because when I had my wisdom teeth out Jarrett was amazing...he took care of me (or rather put up with me!). But man, I want my fiance back. I don't like doing all the chores :(

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  1. HAHA you guys are too funny. You'd better be sweetness now because when you're pregs... he will be doing EVERYTHING!