Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This is how I feel in the morning. I can only imagine how mothers feel, which makes me slightly panicked when I think about our family in a couple of years with a baby and two dogs. But before I develop hives, I'll stop thinking about that.
Every morning we have a routine. Jarrett wakes up, takes Lincoln out and feeds him and gets ready. I then wake up, shower, get ready and take care of Knight and putting Lincoln to bed. Seems harmless, right? Except when I said to Jarrett last night "it's INSANE here in the mornings" and he replied "no kidding, that's why I get up first now", I realized how bad it is. He gets up earlier so he can AVOID the mayhem.
The past few days have involved our curious little pup realizing the shower is a really cool place to explore, knock over shampoo bottles and lick lick lick. What he doesn't realize is the paw prints he creates and carries from room to room (and on our white sheets--what was I thinking?). He also finds Knight's ears and paws taste better than any bone could ever. I've become a master of blowdrying my hair with one arm outside of the bathroom so I can keep an eye on the little devil, all the while using my hand to keep the door shut so he can't run in there and steal something from the trash can (mainly q-tips or tissues).
He's closing in on 9 months, and well...we still have some time before this teenager calms down. Let's hope that Jarrett and I survive until then.

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