Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The end of the world as we know it...

I'm supposed to go to the red sox game tonight. Most likely that will not happen. Why? (see below)

So after 28 days of rain in the month of June, I thought... surely July will be better. And today when it rained again, I thought surely it can't rain in July and August right? I needed some cheering up...something to look forward to for our wedding. And then it happened. I went to the Farmer's Almanac. BAD, TERRIBLE, NO GOOD ROTTEN IDEA.

July 2009 1st-3rd Showers and rain from New England south, then clearing. 4th-7th Fair and generally pleasant. 8th-11th Showers and thunderstorms rapidly shift east into New England by the 11th. 12th-15th Showery weather persists. 16th-19th Unsettled conditions. 20th-23rd A few local thunderstorms for New England. 24th-27th Clear and hot, then local thunderstorms for New England. 28th-31st Showers and thunderstorms.
August 2009 1st-3rd Heavy rainfall. 4th-7th Partial clearing and cooler. 8th-11th Hazy and muggier. 12th-15th Increasingly cloudy skies. 16th-19th Rain moves in from west; possibly heavy at times. Potential hurricane threat along the coast. 20th-23rd A brief respite from wet weather, then more heavy rain. 24th-27th Heavy rainfall gradually gives way to cooler and drier air. 28th-31st Renewal of rainy, thundery conditions is followed by a surge of unseasonably chilly air.


  1. Jess, It's Brooke from Bentley. I saw you followed my blog so I have been following yours! Congrats on everything. I love all the wedding stuff you share :)

  2. I'm so glad you are reading! :) Are you still blogging? Hope you are well.

  3. Hah - well rest assured that you can't trust the farmers almanac... we checked it for our wedding and it said no rain and that sept 6 hadn't rained in the past 10 years.....

    and you remember our surprise guest, hurricane hannah (and then hurricane ike for the honeymoon) right?