Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family Lunch

A lot of Jarrett's family lives out of state. We don't get to see them often, and some of them I've never met. I also have a few relatives traveling to Boston and Jarrett hasn't met them. (In 6 years, it does seem odd, right?) It makes me all the more excited to finally see them all, and in one place!

That being said, we decided to do a family lunch Saturday before the wedding. Nothing fancy, but just an excuse for us to spend time with our families that we probably won't get to do during the wedding.

We picked the Stoneforge Restaurant in Plymouth. It's right on the water and we’ve picked a menu that has a variety of items and seafood to truly experience New England while people are here (lobster roll etc).

The more I think about the wedding, the more I realize we will be doing a LOT of eating ;-)

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  1. The food is one of the best parts! And the lifelong union to the person you love......