Monday, August 9, 2010

7 days!!!

....and single digits until our 1 year anniversary. Cannot believe it. A week from now we'll be celebrating the wedding of our two friends, and celebrating with some fine dining, some relaxation and pampering :)

I found a website that features the "traditional gifts" you should get each other. And I can already tell you, we AREN'T doing this. We'll definitely be spoiling each other with expensive dinners. We'll definitely be opening the amazing bottle of Silver Oak my mom got us, and we'll definitely be eating our cake that I fear will be disgusting but Jarrett assures me will not. But apparently we were supposed to get paper? Yes, paper. Or the 'modern' tradition of PLASTIC?! wtf.

Check it out:

According to this, I don't get diamonds until the 60th. GOOD GOD.

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