Monday, August 23, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do.

No, the Britt's are not breaking up.

I'm referring to my trainer. About a year ago, I found an awesome trainer. We clicked. My 30 minute sessions always lasted longer because we'd chit chat, and a couple months later I was definitely stronger and feeling a lot better. Then shock set in. He was leaving for a better job making more money. I wasn't surprised, but I was crushed... so he recommended two other people he was sure I'd like and he could trust, and then enters "Paul". So Paul and I meet. He's a little more intense, but I kind of like it. If i'm not working out every second of the 30 minute sessions, too bad, it's 30 minute sessions and my loss. A little different, but yknow, can't hurt right? Here's how my final sessions from previous trainer purchase went:

Session 1: I almost throw up, pass out and can't feel my arms the whole ride home
Session 2: similar, except I'm purple in the face, and feel like I can't breathe, again can't feel body parts

So contrary to the above, I actually got busy and a little scared. Work got intense, so weeknight sessions with a specific appointment didn't work. Weekends became occupied by wedding events for my ladies, and the I decided I wanted to start running outside, learning my neighborhood and do something different. And the few times I had free were not condusive to almost passing out and not being able to walk for days. So fast forward a few months and it brings us to July. I hadn't been to the gym in a while, and I run into him. We say hello, I laugh, "this is my first time back in a long time, but I have been running! you'd be proud. Must get that last session in". He seems nice, no wierdness.

...and well, I never made that appointment and I think he's MAD! I've run into him a couple of times in the past weeks, and he ignores me. I mean not just casually says hi, but clearly doesn't want to talk. HE IGNORES, AVOIDS, and just DOESN'T SAY HELLO.

Is this for real? Is it possible for my training to be mad at me?

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