Monday, August 30, 2010

We have PROOF!

of what you ask? That our wedding took place.

We officially ordered our wedding album!! Ironically, I had just been complaining to my friend Laura (who is currently doing wedding planning) about how lazy I had been and due to the price other things in the house had taken priority. And then POOF! Our photographer sends an email about an end of summer special that knocked a couple hundred dollars off the price. There was the push we needed.

We should have our first proof in 3-4 weeks. I can't wait to see many of the pictures since it's been so long. Our photographer actually designs it since we are doing more of a collage than a traditional photo album. I'm now antsy to get it, and all of our photos. Note to future brides: if your package includes an album or a DVD of your prints, it's worth it. Albums are expensive, and you'll always find an excuse. Over a year later...and I don't have any of it because we didn't purchase the album until last week.

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